First Aid For Schools Syllabus

First Aid for Schools

We love working in schools and teaching staff and young people how to keep each other safe and what to do if something goes wrong. We are more than happy to tailor the course to your needs and the needs of your pupils – we can link it to the curriculum, as school trip, or any particular need

Typical courses are: Paediatric First Aid covering the full Ofsted syllabus, the Fully Regulated Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) tailored to Schools and a short 3 hour Emergency First Aid for Schools course covering CPR, choking, asthma, head injuries, minor and major bleeds, fitting and other common medical emergencies in a school setting or a 1 hr CPR session for students.

However we are happy to arrange bespoke courses on any topics and cover specific illnesses such as diabetes, asthma and acute allergic reaction.

Individuals can attend our scheduled courses in London or we will run group courses throughout the UK.

We value your time and wish to ensure that you enjoy the course and learn the skills you need for your work place or life.

A typical 3 hr First Aid Course for Schools:

Action planning in an emergency
Treatment of an unconscious breathing casualty (Recovery Position)
Resuscitation in adults, babies and children (CPR)
Choking & Drowning
What to put into your First aid kit
Bleeding – minor and major
Head injuries – concussion & compression
Seizures & Febrile convulsions

However the content can be changed and tailored to suit your needs.

1 day EFAW Course Content includes:

The roles and responsibilities of a First Aider
Priorities of First Aid
Treatment of an unconscious casualty who is breathing – recovery position
Treatment of an unconscious casualty who is not breathing – CPR and AED
Fitting and seizures 
Shock and Bleeding – grazes, splinters, embedded objects, amputated parts,     knocked out teeth, mouth injury, eye injury, bruising, nose bleeds, objects in eyes, ears, nose…
Burns and scalds
Anaphylactic shock and the use of an Epipen – can be added if required
First Aid Kits
Heart Attack*
Head injuries, concussion, compression & skull fracture *
Asthma and Diabetes*
Breaks, soft tissue injuries & dislocations *

* Head injuries, Asthma, Diabetes Heart Attacks, breaks & soft tissue injuries are not included within the HSE First Aid syllabus – but are routinely incorporated into our course

Paedatric Course Content:

    The role of the Paediatric First Aider
    Assessing an incident and Activating the emergency services
    First Aid kits and accident reporting
    Recovery Position
    Adult, Infant and Child CPR
    Bleeding and shock
    Bone, muscle and joint injuries
    Head, Neck and Back Injuries
    Foreign Bodies in Eyes and Noses
    Electric shock
    Burns and Scalds    
    Eye Injuries
    Bites and Stings
    Effects of Extreme Heat and Cold
    Febrile Convulsions
    Emergency Needs of Children with Chronic Medical Conditions: Epilepsy, Asthma,   
    Sickle Cell Anaemia  and Diabetes
    Meningitis and other Serious Sudden Illnesses

Upon completion of the Paedatric and EFAW course, candiates will receive a QCF certificate valid for 3 years. All other CPD courses will be awarded a standard first aid certificates
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